The Much Disputed Hat

Excerpt from "Urban Silver":

Out numbered but hopeful / the moon hangs its glamour / on a streetlamp.

The Much Disputed Hat
and other short poems by Ashley Jones
$6.50 / poetry chapbook / 2004

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Zen Broom Cleans Kitchen

Excerpt from: "Poems at a Late Hour"

Scatterings of Autumn / On the doormat, / A dying year / Spread across the bamboo floor, / Greying my hair.

Zen Broom Cleans Kitchen
And other short poetry by Ashley Jones
$6.50 / poetry chapbook / 30 pages / 2009

Be sure to check out The Much Disputed Hat, another poetry chapbook by Ashley Jones!

just can't maintain

A classic zine, Just Can't Maintain is an interesting collection of photographs, drawings, poetry, interviews, and jokes about muffins!

Excerpt from "Continent Soliloquies":

The cavity clucks, the sound fluxes found fixed,
clung to the roof of my mute moth mouth,
have pinned my limbs to milky holocausts.

Just Can't Maintain Volume 1, November 2009
$1.00 /perzine / half-letter / 12 pages / 2009

Just Can't Maintain Volume 2, February 2011
$1.00 /perzine / half-letter / 12 pages / 2011

Year of the Shorts

From Year of the Shorts:

"Year of the Shorts began as a Christmas card to friends and family friends. This functional piece of design contained short stories and anecdotes, keeping the audience entertained throughout the year.

Now in its fifth year I have come to realise I spend much more time on the content than on the design. I love to write as well, but it has been more and more difficult to come up with content on my own."

All tied together in a nice little package, Year of the Shorts is a a compilation of short works, some set to music, some accompanied with artwork, all with a bunch of fun stickers through in for good measure.

Year of the Shorts 2010 (Australia)
$15.00 / multi-media compilation; audio cd, stickers, print work / 2010

non-profit organization to destroy the world

After volume one's self-proclaimed 'crazy experiment,' the Non-Profit Organization to Destroy the World are back with a second edition, containing prose, poetry, plays, recipes, art work, and all other kinds of thought-provoking work.

Excerpt from "Manifesto":

We're no longer being allowed to die.
In this future we are living on, something intangible has been stolen,
But no one is angry, because they weren't aware of it in the first place.
A new generation has been born, seeking deaeth, seeking to truly die.
We are not afraid.

Non-Profit Organization to Destroy the World 002 (Vancouver, BC)
$6.00 / comp-litzine / book / 2010

the lovely heads

With beautiful, simplistic artwork and storytelling, Melanie Furtado has crafted an illustrated story zine that follows the intriguing life cycle of the lovely heads.


may found lovely heads bloomed
with hair of fragrant nectar

whose scent did draw
a flock of moths
to feast on
such sweet locks

and dawn found them bald and bare,
dark eyes filling at the loss of their hair-

The Lovely Heads (Victoria, BC)
$6.00 / art/lit zine / half-legal / 16 pages / 2010