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The second issue of Hacksaw out! This issue takes a winding path through the global village, in keeping with the Hacksaw tradition of exploring traditional media in a new, inventive way!

"A new literary arts ‘zine headed by SFU student editors, Hacksaw, has emerged to “crudely break things apart so the architect can put the pieces together as something new and wonderful.” At least that explains the magazine’s title and its messy cut-and-paste, DIY look. A look at the back cover will inform you that Hacksaw was indeed printed and assembled by hand. This first issue is said to “blend contemporary youth cultures with civilizations long past” while “both creating and deconstructing our world through arts and the written word.” The ‘zine features experimental and innovative prose, poetry, and art all in one unique, eye-catching package."

- Tessa Perkins, The Peak (review of Hacksaw Vol 1 Issue 1)

Hacksaw Literary Arts Magazine, vol 1, issue 2 (Vancouver, BC)
$4 / literary zine / half-legal / 28 pages / 2009

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Hacksaw Literary Arts Magazine, vol 1, issue 1 ***SOLD OUT*** (Vancouver, BC)

$4 / literary zine / half-legal / 24 pages / 2008