zines / bouncy ball

Bouncy Ball #1 is an eclectic and wonderful compilation that earns its name as it bounces to everything from comics to interviews to poetry to prose to art to photographs to word puzzles and more.

Excerpt from "Potential Last Words" by Paul Beer:

If Oscar Wilde's last words really were, "either those curtains go or I do," they were almost certainly prepared in advance. Maybe the quip was originally written for one of his characters and Wilde, realizing he'd captured lightning in a bottle, decided to save it for his own final moments. Since good last words are too important to be left to improv, I've decided to script pithy one-liners for as many potential deaths as I can. A partial list follows:

"I just can't seem to stop smoking." - I've been set on fire.

"Hold on, I think he's trying to communicate." - A chimp is mauling me.

"The real tragedy here? I liked 'Blues Brothers 2000." - Murdered by John Goodman.

Bouncy Ball #1 (Toronto, ON)
$2.50 / compzine / half-page / 24 pages / 2010